Decepticon overlord and 'Megatronian'

Julia ‘Jiu-Jiu’ Johansen writes a lovely BJJ blog, which she began in the summer of 2010 when she met BJJ and fell head over heels. I first ran across Julia’s tales of a BJJ grrl in Korea with this open-hearted tale of her first BJJ competition and have enjoyed her posts ever since.

Julia’s most recent (super cute) post, Your BJJ Nickname, has a great thread of comments on readers own nicknames and Julia’s hunt for an appropriate alias. I noted that my nickname is ‘Megatron’ as my name is Meg and my team mates consider me and my game (I suppose) ‘tronic’. Julia, a self-professed Sci Fi Fanatic and Geek Grrl Extraordinaire, shared with me:

Your nickname is a badass leader of the Decepticons in Transformers … Plus, you come in standard mode and BATTLE MODE!

Holy H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks! Standard mode and battle mode? Now we’re talking! I normally consider myself a Soldier of the Light, or at least I try to keep my dark side in check, but I can’t say I’m not psyched by my fellow Megatronian’s chimeric qualities!

So, what’s your BJJ nickname? Why not shoot on over to Julia’s blog, leave a comment, and help her create a name with just the right balance of sassy and sweet.