When Meerkatsu proposed to me the notion of a Fantasy Gi Competition, I nearly ‘flipped my lid’ and immediately began visualising the monstrosity I reveal to you today. I knew, at once, that it would be purple and heavy on embroidery. I knew, too, that it would channel the deepest, darkest, girliest recesses of my psyche as well as symbolise what I perceive as BJJ’s transformative nature. Ambitious? Over the top? Crazed?! ‘D’, all of the above.

Behold! The ‘MegJitsu’

Butterflies, Phoenix, pegasus, flowers, cursive font – oh yes, everything but the Barbie Dreamhouse of my girlhood. While my artistic skills are limited, my vision is fully articulated in my mind, in all its grotesque hyper-femininity. I’ve sought to communicate this beautiful beast with two ‘big picture’ portraits. The theme of flight and freedom is clearly evident as well as the notion of metamorphosis, symbolised by the Phoenix and butterflies. No girlie fantasy of mine is complete without faeries and the yin yang pays homage to Marc Walder’s BJJ Team, of which I am honoured to be a member. You can’t look away, can you?
MegJitsu gi

MegJitsu features

Obviously, this baby is heavy on embroidery and all about the bling. IBJJF rules be damned! This kimono is a fully functional Death Star of girlie self-expression. Stepping on to the mats in this get up is tantamount to calling out your whole club, so you better be ready to work some serious ninja vibes; it is the ‘red gi effect’, amplified!
MegJitsu gi

MegJitsu fit

A good gi is made great by its tailoring. The MegJitsu is, of course, perfectly designed to my proportions; no off the rack affair that is just right in some places and not quite right in others. The jacket cuts smartly at the shoulders and the skirt bottom is shorter than a traditional men’s jacket with a outward flaring hem. The jacket is as soft and as comfy as a Fenom Lotus with a sturdy rubberised collar. The trousers are made with rip stop material. The waistband is higher at the back than at the front and the back panel is slightly more generously proportioned in the hips and bottom, but not too baggy through the bum.
Princess Aura


The MegJitsu is not for a BJJ wallflower. It is extreme in its styling, but at the same time an ebullient representation of BJJ’s power to trigger personal metamorphoses. It is unapologetic and in your face feminine, and will definitely bring a sweet estrogen aroma to your club’s usual androgen-laden pheromone cocktail. Why not regress to your most saccharine girlhood dreams, even Princess Aura rocked it, along with the daggers in her belt.