When Rockin’ Green invited me to do a review of their sports detergent, I was skeptical. While I loved a lot about the brand – made in the USA, eco-friendly, family friendly – I wasn’t sure I could determine the efficacy of a detergent with my 5 senses and no laboratory, no controls and no team of microbiologists to confirm or deny Rockin’ Green’s cleansing power. Though true that I cannot offer a clinical review of Rockin’ Green’s athletic wear detergent, I can certainly share my thoughts on using the product and report the findings of my 5-senses, and I can assure you that my sense of smell was particularly delighted by the process.

Rockin' Green Athletic Wear Detergent
Rockin’ Green Athletic Wear Detergent

As a company, Rockin’ Green has a lot to recommend it. Founded by a mother and concerned Earth-citizen, Rockin’ Green soaps contain no harmful or skin-irritating substances such as petroleum by-products or artificial fragrances. The icing on the cake? Aside from producing effective and planet-friendly soaps, the family behind Rockin’ Green also rolls together. What’s that on the wind? A sweet-smelling BJJ-family, walking the walk of positive contribution.

Rockin’ Green is available worldwide and you can find your local retailer on their site. Rockin’ Green Athletic Wear Detergent retails for $15.95USD.

The Nose Knows

I used Rockin’ Green to wash my Fenom Blue gi, as well as my gym kit and the detergent worked well with cotton and synthetics. The soap comes in a powder form, and it seemed to have dissolved and rinsed away completely; I could detect no powdery residue. I washed my items on a cooler 40C wash as well as 60C and was impressed with how well the Fenom’s colour held. This may be due to a number of factors, but in my experience coloured gi do loose colour quickly on the first few washes and it may be that Rockin’ Green worked well with the gi’s own colour fast properties.

The best feature of the soap to me – apart from its credentials as environmentally friendly and made in America – was the wonderful fragrance. Rockin’ Green’s sports soap includes tea tree oil, which in addition to its anti microbial properties, leaves your stinkiest kit fresh smelling. This isn’t a heavy, artificial perfume – I don’t go for that and my sensitive skin gets very irritated by conventional brands and their perfumes – it is a subtle, clean, fresh smell. The coolest part, though, is that scent keeps going, even in the midst of a training session! There I was, sweating away and lo and behold, I caught a whiff of my gear near the end of my session and I smelled a light tea tree fragrance, not mildew or BO or any of the other malodours that typically waft off of well-used training gear. For me, while not founded on a solid clinical body of evidence, this was all the further convincing I needed. Many grapplers take a great deal of time over their hygiene – as they should! – and it is a bummer to start class smelling fresh and clean, only to be spreading a bacterial stench by the time the sweat permeates the cloth. My experience of Rockin’ Green was a much cleaner smell after a sweaty session, and that rocks.


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Thanks to Rockin’ Green for offering me the soap to test and review.