Martial Herbs, British sports supplement outfit, shared two of their specially formulated products with me; Martial Herbs Recovery and Martial Herbs Strength. Martial Herbs is bringing unique herbal and homeopathic supplements to market aimed at the particular needs of martial artists. While some might suggest that HGH and steroids might be part of the solution to keeping your body in condition, some readers may prefer dietary supplements such as whey protein, or an alternative medicine route to complement ‘training intelligently’ and ‘keeping it playful’ for longevity on the mats. If so, Martial Herbs might be for you.

MH Recovery and Strength formulas
MH Recovery and Strength formulas

Martial Herbs Recovery

Martial Herbs Recovery (£18) is a high quality aromatherapy massage oil. The ingredients of MH Recovery target pain relief and muscle recovery; nigella sativa, almond oil, lavandula augustifolia.

Nigella Sativa, aka black cumin, has a long pedigree in alternative medicine and Martial Herbs’s claims of its antibacterial, immunological and analgesic properties seems supported by at least one academic study. So, the nigella sativa used in MH Recovery may help to reduce inflammation and muscular pain, keeping you fresher for your next session.

MH Recovery uses good quality almond oil as its base and is naturally perfumed with lavender, used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation, a sense of wellbeing and to counter insomnia.

I really enjoy using MH Recovery. Whether for self-massage on my legs and around battered knees or for roping in a willing set of hands to rub out the shoulders, it is a very nice quality massage oil. Very smooth and absorbs well and I personally love the scent of lavender, which gives the oil a pleasing aromatherapy quality in addition to its muscle calming properties.

Martial Herbs Strength

The Martial Herbs Strength (£22) supplement uses a concoction of herbs particularly important to Ayurvedic medicine to offer the best smelling supplements you are likely to come across.

What’s in it:

  • Shilajit (Ashphaltum): an important Ayurvedic element associated with anti-inflammation and pain reduction
  • Withania somnifera: aka Indian gooseberry, has a variety of traditional uses, including the treatment of inflammation, ulcers and anti-depression
  • Khusta Fulad: an Ayurvedic iron supplement
  • Sassurea lappa: from a family of wild flowers native to Asia, Europe and North America with some anti-inflammatory properties
  • Myristica fragrans: aka nutmeg, has a long history in traditional medicine
  • Zingiber officinale: aka ginger, has been used in traditional and alternative medicines for calming stomach complaints.
  • Cinnamomum aromaticum: aka cinnamon, is a key herb in Chinese medicine and helps gives the supplements a lovely aroma
  • Syzgium aromaticum: aka clove, also adds to the scent of the supplements and is associated with pain relief in traditional medicines
  • Piper nigrum: aka black pepper, has, like many spices, a long association with traditional medicine


Martial Herbs is offering a unique set of homeopathic supplements targeted at the special needs of martial artists. MH supplements are particularly suited to practitioners interested in alternative therapies to help them maintain their fitness and enhance their recovery.


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Thanks to Marital Herbs for offering me their supplements to test and review.