Original Jiu Jitsu brand, the secret handshake of the jiu jitsu clothing world, employs great use of fonts and subtle artistic styling to craft understated jiu jitsu clothing. I’m delighted to offer this Original Jiu Jitsu T-shirt review of two of their products: the Basic Black Tee and the Dia 25-04 Brasilia Tee. Both tees are priced at $25.00USD. Original Jiu Jitsu products celebrate the careers of leading jiu jitsu practitioners, in a subtle ‘in the know’ kind of way. A wee wink and a nudge to other jiu jitsu fanatics.

Original Jiu Jitsu T-Shirt Review: Basic Black Tee

Original Jiu Jitsu T-Shirt Review Basic Black Tee
Original Jiu Jitsu Basic Black Tee
The Basic Black Tee is a great understated garment for the jiu jitsu practitioner. The Original Jiu Jitsu text logo script is present on the left chest and ‘NYC 1996’ on the right arm. This date commemorates the establishment of Renzo Gracie’s New York City Academy. The minimalist style of the tee lends itself to streetwear or activewear. Personally, I liked to team it up with my Fighter Girls Pinkie Boyfriend Shorts.
OJJ Basic Black Tee with FG Pinkie Boyfriend Shorts
Basic Black Tee + Boardshorts

Original Jiu Jitsu T-Shirt Review: Dia 25-04 Brasilia Tee

Original Jiu Jitsu T-Shirt Review Dia 25-04
Dia 25-04 Brasilia + Skinny Jeans
I loved how the text subtly blended with the heather grey fabric, giving a really subtle finish to the tee. This top had a lot of use in the spring and summer and worked well with black skinny jeans. The Dia 25-04 Brasilia tee celebrates the historic Rickson v Zulu fight on 25 April 1980. And, I mean, Rickson, oh! – the smoothness. I know you feel me!

Original Jiu Jitsu T-Shirt Review Summary

Original Jiu Jitsu sent over two tees for consideration, the Basic Black Tee and the Dia 25-04 Brasilia. Both tees were in size small. The Basic Black in the ‘athletic cut’ and the Dia 25-04 in the ‘slim cut’. For me the fabric and cut of the Dia 25-04 worked best. For reference I am 5’5″/166cm and 135lbs/62kgs with a ‘V-shape’ body type.

The Basic Black Tee is 100% cotton. The Dia 25-04 is 60% Polyester / 40% Cotton. I like the idea of 100% natural fibres, but I preferred wearing the 60:40 polyester:cotton split. Between the slimmer cut and the stretch added by the polyester, the tee seemed to drape and hang better. Same time, the 40% cotton provided breathability and softness. In contrast, the fully cotton tee was soft to touch but felt stiff when worn. Similarly, the athletic cut is more generous and felt boxy on my size and shape. Clearly, these comments reflect my personal tastes. Readers will know how they like their tees to fit around their own bodies. You will know too how your favourite tees are constructed and tailored. Let that knowledge guide your choice. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a stylish, affordable and good quality holiday gift for the jiu jitsu practitioner in your life, Original Jiu Jitsu offers tees and other gifts that speak to the jiu jitsu insider.