Neocell Whey Protein poweder and Collagen supplements
Neocell Whey Protein and Collagen

NeoCell sent along a tub of their Collagen Sport Whey Isolate Complex in Belgian chocolate flavour and a bottle of their Collagen + C tablets for review. I am a regular user of whey protein for recovery and, indeed, was so into it a couple years back I set up a dedicated ‘Calibrated Cookies’ website full of my weekly recipes for homemade perfectly calibrated flapjacks to serve my post-workout carb and protein needs. While I’ve let that site die, I still maintain an interest in whey protein for recovery and was delighted to try out NeoCell’s powder. NeoCell combines collagen with their whey isolate and sent additional collagen supplements. Collagen, like whey protein, is associated with healthy tendon and ligament growth, and as I’m recovering from an ACL reconstruction, I was psyched to try a supplement and look into the benefits of these supplements for post-op, as well as post-workout, recovery. I didn’t make any whey protein ice cream, but I did take the Collagen supplements for 2 weeks and use the whey protein 3 times per week for 2 weeks for recovery after rehab work at the gym.

Close up of whey protein being scooped from tub
A chocoholic's delight

My favourite way to eat whey protein is as a homemade flapjack with the minimum of fat and the right 4:1 carb:protein split for my weight. So I cooked up a batches of ‘calibrated cookies’. This was my first time using a flavoured whey protein in my flapjacks and I went for a ‘black forest gateaux’ mix of dark berries with the oats and protein. Came out as a more than palatable recovery bar that I could munch during the bus home from my physio work at the gym. Whey protein has some good work behind it, extolling its efficacy for recovery and lean muscle building and I definitely do feel better when I make sure to get a good mix of nutrients straight after I train. How much this may be in my head, how much may be attributable to whey protein and then to a particular brand of protein, I couldn’t judge. I can say that the Neocell whey protein isolate mixed well in my flapjacks and that my partner, who is a bit of a weight-lifter and prefers shakes, assures me it that the powder mixes well and ‘tastes good’. You can see the full stats and purchase NeoCell Collagen Sport here; tubs are available in 15 or 30 serving sizes ($29.95-$49.95).

Nutritional Info per 45g
Calories 123kcal
Fat 5g
Carbs 2.25g
Whey Protein 15g
Super Collagen™ 1&3 Protein 15g
Neocell Collagen Sport Whey Isolate Complex
Neocell Collagen+C pills spilling from bottle
Neocell Collagen C+

While taking the Collagen+C supplements my knee did feel stronger. It is impossible for me to determine how much this is to do with the normal healing process, consistent rehab work or collagen supplements. The jury is still out on the effectiveness of collagen supplements in meeting a range of health claims such as improved hair and skin and help with strong muscles and ligaments and there are those who would suggest that taking supplements outside of doctor’s orders could do harm. Making those informed decisions has to be down to the individual and her health care provider. All I can report is that in the 2 weeks that I took the supplements at the recommended dosage, I noticed no ill-effects.


Big thanks to NeoCell for the opportunity to try their products. Find ’em on Facebook!