Kelly Nathaniel
Kelly is no joke!
Readers may know that I am very excited and inspired by my team’s latest member, Kelly Nathaniel. I am super pumped to be her new sparring partner as she develops grappling skills to complement her striking in order to create a balanced MMA game. We had our first session on Tuesday and it was insanely fun; so impressed by how open she is to learning! We recorded a couple rounds of sparring with our Coach as we worked in a three. It is early days in Kelly’s grappling-journey and I thought a little ‘before’ and ‘after’ would be fun; psyched to see the comparison in a few months. So, without further ado, introducing Kelly Nathaniel.

Kelly’s hips at 1:55 look awesome to me and I can’t help but cheer for the sweeps and arm bar as my vid sees me much more on the receiving end. Take it to him, grrl!