FG Pinkie Boyfriend Shorts

Fighter Girls has the most varied line of women’s MMA clothing on the market, including three cuts of women’s MMA boardshorts. The most recent cut, the 304, comes in several styles including the Pinkie Boyfriend, which I’ve been rolling and working out in since April; I’m lovin’ this cut above all other FG offerings. In my round up of Fighter Girls women’s MMA shorts, I tried to provide a comparison of the three cuts available and here I’d like to look more closely at the 304s. You can find measurements and photographs of the Pinkie Boyfriends in my previous post; in this post I’ll illustrate my impressions of the shorts with the rather silly ‘training meg-tage’ below.*

Form and Function

The biggest concerns expressed by readers and friends of MegJistu on Facebook were: 1) how do they fit and; 2) how do they move or stretch in training. The Pinkie Boyfriends have become my ‘go to’ shorts for no-gi training, as, for me, they hit the ‘sweet spot’ of cut and fit in terms of maintaining a balance between tailoring and comfort. I have no trouble with range of movement and never feel as if the drawstring will come loose and result in an embarrassing ‘pantsing’ incident. I wear long line rash guards with them – here with a Nike Pro compression top and in my previous post an Under Armour compression vest – and don’t have serious issues with tops riding up over the top of the low rise. For added confidence I sometimes wear a black lycra dance leotard rather than a rash guard, which looks slightly odd (I hope one day ‘rashtards’ will become a reality) but dispenses with the need for compression shorts and ends worries about bellies/bums peaking out the top during a vigorous session. In my opinion, these are the best performing and best designed boardshorts FG has come up with to date, as they have decent length and room in the thighs, with added give from small side slits. The slit is especially well done as it is not so generous that it exposes your bottom when you’re holding guard or similar, as the wider-legged men’s cut shorts can do, but provides a little bit more room in the leg while adding a little extra style. At any rate, perhaps this little vid can help you better visualise how this cut of shorts might work for you; feel free to comment below if you have any unanswered questions!


Music by Amel Larrieux ‘All I Got’.

*This is my first ever attempt at creating a little video and it is rather ham-fisted, but it seemed the best way to communicate to you that the shorts do provide a great range of movement, stretch with you, stay in place and look cool.