Yas, Keenan, Kevin
Yas, Keenan and Kevin

Issue 3 of the UK’s first dedicated BJJ-mag, Jiu Jitsu Style, proverbially hit the stands on 21 June. I’ve enjoyed contributing to JJS since its beginnings and I’m happy to announce the publication of my Families in BJJ article in edition 3. Inspired by the family-men who train with me at Dartford BJJ, I set out to investigate the benefits (or otherwise) of training as a family. In addition to interviews with Graham and Katja Birkett, a father-daughter duo training in rural Wales, and with Family Mat-ters and Ana Yagues BJJ. I am grateful for the words and thoughts supplied to me and I hope readers will come away with the same sense of positivity that affected me when reading stories of training BJJ as a family.


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