Fitocracy, a fitness tracking web application with a strong social gaming component, has gone from strength to strength since its launch in mid 2010. Founders Richard Talens and Brian Wang brought their experience and love of gaming to the world of online fitness to empower themselves and others to stay motivated on the path to well being; you can find more on the Fitocracy back story here. The result is a fun, friendly and good-naturedly competitive social gaming platform for tracking your training and levelling up your fitness.

Get Flashdance-fit

BJJ is on Fitocracy’s radar and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or as Fitocracy describes it, ‘Judo, but on the ground more and with a sexier accent’, is included in the list of exercises you can log. Not only that, but BJJ training is awarded mega points on the platform, acknowledging what we all already know; there’s fit and then there’s BJJ-fit. It is also possible to log your conditioning (or rehabilitation) work and you’ll collect points, badges, quests and other fun gaming rewards along the way. There’s even a couple BJJ-community groups; hit the links to join Fitocracy and hook up with other BJJers on a quest for fierce fitness!

I’ve been using Fitocracy over the past week and while I am definitely self-motivated as far as exercise goes, I do find the app compelling and fun. In light of my current physio regime, it has helped to relieve some of the tedium of rehab work. The social and gaming aspects of Fitocracy may be particularly appealing to those who cannot train to full capacity due to injury or rehab.