Lana Hunter hair
Lana Hunter works her double French braids | Photo by

In recent weeks I’ve become increasingly obsessed with BJJ hair and how women (and men with longer hair) deal with the grappling + hair ‘issue’. With the help of friends of MegJitsu on Facebook, I’ve been working on compiling an album of Jiu Jitsu Hair. You know when you’re thinking about a new hair cut and you look up ‘100 best short hair styles’ or something, well the aim is to create that sort of gallery, but for jiu jitsu hair. So, folk have been sharing their BJJ hair pictures and stories, including Lana Hunter, a blue belt out of Texas. Not only has Lana managed to keep her hair long since beginning BJJ, she’s managed to grow it longer and keep it from getting ripped to shreds. In fact, Lana has shared some exciting secrets, which she’s agreed that I pass on to you, gentle reader.

Triin Sepple hair
Triin Sepple, founder of women's gi company Fenom Kimonos, powered by the high ponytail

There’s two aspects of Lana’s hair strategy: 1) braids: either the double French plait or a high ponytail that’s braided; 2) the right hair ties. Many women with longer hair work the ponytails and braids, but I think Lana has discovered hair ties that can help your style withstand training that much better:

I use the Goody Stay Put Ponytail Holders. These have little plastic grooves in them and they are much stickier to the hair than most ponytail holders. I’ve also bought them in the smaller sizes, they don’t work as well. They do eventually stretch but they are so worth it!

For small sections of hair, like the ends of my braids I’ll use the Scunci No-Slip Grip Skinny Hair Tie. They are lined with some sort of sticky plastic on the inside of the hair tie to help it grip to your hair while you grapple!

Holy awesome hair tip, Batman! Big thanks to Lana for taking the time to share her hair picture and hair tie review. Have a great cut or style for your grappling? Email me your photo or post it on my wall and I’ll whack it in the gallery! Checkout the full jiu jitsu hair gallery