BJJer attempts cross choke from guard
Vintage X-Choke from Guard: Team Mate Ricky Tries it on Meg Back in '08

Week 11 built on the successes of Week 10 as regards BJJ training and the confidence I took from Week 10’s private with Coach allowed me to level up to joining in a class in Week 11. Though I sat out of sparring I was able to do a solid hour of drills with a partner, including safely having the drills performed on me. This was a big step and I’m grateful to my team mate from Dartford BJJShane Chittenden, for patiently working with me. Coach kindly carried over the drills from guard that we worked in our private to class and we built up a flow:

  • From collar and elbow grip, put outside foot on opponent’s hip, drop to outside hip while basing wide with inside foot > hook sweep > side control.
  • Sweep fails > pull guard by breaking opponent’s grip to collar with foot, bringing leg up and through the gap between arms ‘knee first’ > pull opponent into guard.
  • From guard get deep cross grip into collar with inside hand > break opponent’s posture by bringing knees to chest > ‘shoulder walk’ to create space to bring outside foot to opponent’s hip.
  • Angle off and move outside grip to X-choke.
  • Where X-choke fails, bring outside leg around to push hamstring against opponent’s face > choke.
  • Where second choke fails > switch grips to armbar

These things could all be performed in safety and confidence, perhaps to a slightly lesser degree the hook sweep. While the sweep itself was fine for the leg, when ‘riding’ the momentum of the sweep to pass the guard it is necessary to base out with the operated leg once on the other side of the opponent’s legs. This felt a little dodgy at one point when my foot landed off the mat and it started to slide, this cause some noticeable ‘weirdness’ as the leg is at a bit of an angle. Immediately reduced my (already low) level of frisky further and felt fine on further attempts. All about the body awareness!

Week 11


Final week of the batch of exercises prescribed in Week 9; meet with Physio in Week 12 to discuss changes to the programme.


  • First BJJ class (drills from guard no sparring, but was able to safely work turn about with a partner)
  • Cardio/interval work to 30 minutes per session (half bike and half elliptical)
  • Weight maintained (no up or down movement)


Every ACL op and recovery will be particular to the person. The thoughts and experiences recalled in this series of posts is in no way intended as medical advice or as a replacement for seeking medical attention for any injury. This information is presented merely as a record of one person’s experience with ACL operation and recovery.