1. Brilliant report. The aims of the seminar were clear and your guidance I am certain was greatly appreciated by the attendees. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks, bro! Was an enjoyable experience and I look forward to the next trip.

  2. If you introduced those women to BJJ and got them wanting more, then I would call that a highly successful event! Congrats! I hope they all get plugged into a school and start training! 🙂

    • Hi Allie! Agreed. It was an intro to physical activity, martial arts and BJJ for most of the class and I know Jimmy is making a big effort to create classes that work for women, and is considering, e.g. a class geared at mothers in the morning after the school run and other women-friendly initiatives. Is a great way to get through the door and then progress to co-ed training; I started in a 6 week ‘women’s empowerment course’ and I think it is a much less intimidating environment to start with, for many women 🙂